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Upper & Lower Eyelid Surgery

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One of the face’s best features is the eyes. They center the face and create a focus point of attractiveness. Over time, the eyelids tend to age along with the rest of your face and often will sag. Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is the procedure done to correct the aging process of the eyes. This type of surgery is commonly known as an eye lift in the cosmetic industry. The results are long-lasting and will help enhance the appearance of your eyes as well as your face. At FountainGrove MedSpa our goal is to help enhance your appearance and make you feel better in the process.

Eyelid surgery in the Santa Rosa area is made simple at FountainGrove MedSpa. We are dedicated to helping you achieve a more youthful appearance. Our goal is to provide exceptional skin care services at an affordable rate. We pride ourselves in being able to offer each one of our patients with VIP care to ensure that when you leave, you feel refreshed and better than you came in. You will always be welcomed by our friendly and professional staff into our stress-free and inviting atmosphere. Contact us today to schedule your eyelid surgery.


Eyelid surgery to improve the appearance of the eyelids is termed “blepharoplasty.” Blepharoplasty is usually an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia, with sedation if desired.

The goal of this eyelid surgery is to reduce the baggy or sagging tissues, which may include skin, muscle, and fat pockets. In upper eyelid surgery, typically all three types of tissue are removed. In lower eyelid surgery, sometimes only fat pockets need to be removed; other times, skin and muscle may also need to be included.

If only fatty tissue needs to be removed from the lower eyelids and not any skin, the surgery can be performed behind the eyelid. This is known as “trans conjunctival blepharoplasty.”

In cases where the eyebrows are also droopy, a procedure to elevate the eyebrows may be appropriate. This procedure, known as the brow or forehead lift, may be done directly above the eyebrows, within the forehead creases, or by approaching the brows from the hairline as a “coronal brow lift.”

After Surgery

Following surgery, cold compresses are applied to the eyelids to reduce swelling and bruising. These are later followed by warm compresses to improve blood flow to the area and aid in the healing. The eyes do not need to be patched shut. During the first week, antibiotic ointment is applied to the eyelids, and strenuous activity should be minimized.

Discomfort is usually minimal after surgery. Aspirin products and “blood thinners” should be avoided before and after surgery because of their tendency to increase bruising.

After surgery, one may temporarily experience minor discomfort, tightness of the eyelids, swelling, bruising, and dryness of the eyes. These will usually resolve as the wound heals. Excessive pain, bleeding, infection, or loss of vision in the period following surgery is very rare. In the unlikely event that such problems occur, you should notify your physician promptly.

Complications that may occur include slight asymmetry in eyelid appearance or eyelid position. These problems occur infrequently and may require additional surgery to correct.

Blepharoplasty can provide both cosmetic and functional improvement, with minimal risk of serious problems. Most patients are quite pleased with the results of their eyelid surgery. Please call 1.800.527.3745 for a complimentary personal consultation with Dr. Singh.

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