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FountainGrove MedSpa provides BOTOX Santa Rosa customers can trust and depend on. Botox injections have been used by doctors for years to successfully treat wrinkles and other facial creases.  It is used to block signals from the nerves to the muscles therefore the injected muscle can’t contract.  Thus, allowing the wrinkles to relax and soften.  Botox is typically used on the forehead, around the eyes and on frown lines.  Botox treatment only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia.  It is done by inserting a fine needle into the specific muscle and should only cause minor discomfort.  Here at FountainGrove MedSpa, we are dedicated to making your Botox treatment a comfortable and rewarding experience.

beautiful-skinFountainGrove MedSpa is proud to be able to offer Botox treatment to the Santa Rosa area.  Our goal is to provide innovative skin care services at affordable prices, thus allowing us to treat a wide variety of clients.  We believe that merging the art and science of beauty is the first step to helping our clients achieve the look of their dreams.  We maintain a high standard of care and all of our injections are administered by a surgeon.  In addition, we have an aesthetician onsite who provide nurturing treatments that are meant to restore and maintain the beauty of your skin.  Contact FountainGrove MedSpa, the first choice for Botox in the Santa Rosa area, today to schedule your appointment.

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How does BOTOX® work?

Botox is used to relax the contraction of muscles by blocking the nerve impulses.  The muscles will no longer be able to contract, so the wrinkles relax and soften.

How long is the treatment?

The treatment takes about 5 to 15 minutes and results are typically seen within 2-4 days.

Who performs the BOTOX treatment?

Botox treatments are only performed by a board certified surgeon in a sterilized medical procedure room.

What are the side effects of BOTOX® injections?

The most common side effect is bruising at and around the injection site.  Other common side effects include:  headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, blepharoptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid), nausea and indigestion (heartburn).

How long does the BOTOX® last?

Botox injections typically last 4-6 months and retreatment is commonly needed.  After each injection, wrinkles tend to appear less severe than before because the muscles have been trained to relax.

What are other indications for BOTOX®?

Botox is most commonly used on the facial area to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it is used in other areas of the body.  It has been known to help reduce sweating in hands and armpits.

Is the treatment painful?

Botox treatments are administered with a fine needle so discomfort can be expected, but it is not particularly painful.

Who is not a good candidate for the procedure?

Pregnant or nursing patients are not recommended as good candidates for Botox treatments.  It is also not recommended for people with neurological diseases or who are taking aminoglycoside antibiotics.

How much does BOTOX® cost?

Botox treatment costs are calculated by how much is injected.  Each individual is different and requires a different amount of medication which is customized by the surgeon.